Top 10 Best Electric Pressure Cookers – Reviewed by Foodie

Electric pressure cookers or electric pressure cookers make cooking activities easier and safer because they do not use fire. In addition, the food will cook faster and the nutrients in it will be maintained. So, this time we have collected some of the best electric pressure cookers in terms of price and quality.

You will find great electric pressure cookers from the brands Philips, Tefal, Cuckoo and others. Before that, we will describe the points that should be considered when choosing an electric pressure cooker first. This article has been reviewed by our foodie, Dionisius Denizar. Come on, listen!

The 10 Best Electric Pressure Cookers Recommendation

Best Electric Pressure Cookers

We will recommend the ten best electric pressure cooker products that we have determined based on how to choose above. These products are carefully selected by considering product quality, buyer reviews, and the level of trust in the seller. Our products are sorted by their popularity on the Shopee marketplace.

1. He River Pressure Cooker 2 Liter

For those of you who are busy every day, of course you need a practical cookware. You can cook various menus such as fried rice, porridge, and soup more quickly using this Han River electric pressure cooker. 3D heating technology makes your food cook evenly. No more drama every morning due to rush cooking!

2. Ravelle Pressure Cooker Low Watt

The efficient consumption of electricity makes this electric pressure cooker quite popular in the market. The simple Korean design is a plus for this product. 

However, you will not lose its basic function, which is cooking and tenderizing ingredients. However, you cannot cook large quantities because this pressure cooker only has a capacity of 2 liters.

3. Pressure Rice CookerCRP-R0612F

This viral product because it often appears in Korean dramas is much sought after in Indonesia. One of the highlights is that Cuckoo presents a talking pressure rice cooker. 

This feature is useful to guide you to understand the steps to operate this 1.08 liter capacity product. Those of you who are often bothered to read manuals will likely like this product.

4. Multifunction Electronic Pressure Cooker 10 in 1PC-05LB

You want to buy an electric pressure cooker, but the electricity in your home is low? Don’t worry, you can choose this FLiFE multifunction electric pressure cooker. With low power consumption, this pressure cooker has a capacity of 5 liters, you know! Enough to make your big family’s favorite dish, right?

5. ReCooker Presto Digital Multi Fungus

Often feel hot when cooking in the kitchen because of the heat? Now you don’t have to worry about that problem anymore. You can reduce the heat in the kitchen when cooking with this electric presto.

The heat and aroma of the food are locked in the pot so you don’t feel hot either. This electric pressure cooker also consumes small watts, electricity bills don’t swell!

6. Pressure Rice CookerCRP-G1015M

If you prioritize safety features when choosing an electric pressure cooker, you can consider this product. This tool is specially designed with thirteen security features, you know! 

Some of them are water drainage systems and automatic steam valves. You can also try all the menu buttons without feeling anxious because this pressure cooker is safe.

7. EPC Home Chef Smart Pro IHCY638

Do you often wish you were a chef while cooking at home? Now you can feel like a professional chef when cooking using this electric pressure cooker from Tefal. 

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The technology is able to tenderize meat in a short time, so that the taste of the meat is maintained. There are 19 dishes that you can cook using this electric pressure cooker. Excellent!

8. All in One CookerHD2137/30

Philips understands very well that high pressure can be dangerous if left uncontrolled. Therefore, there is a regulator valve that can release steam automatically in its pressure cooker products. 

For those of you who are always wary of using a pressure cooker, consider having this product in your kitchen. Let go of your fears, and start trying different recipes.

9. Home Chef Smart Pressure Cooker

If you feel that cooking using a pressure cooker takes a lot of time, you should try this product. This electric pressure cooker from Tefal is equipped with heating plate technology which makes cooking 80% faster.

In addition, your hands will be protected from steam heat because the lid lock design is safe without contact with hot steam. You can also create fifteen dishes with this product.

10. Smart boss Low Carbo Pressure Cooker

Rice is often a scourge for those of you who are dieting. Luckily the Low Carbo Pressure Cooker understands your needs. By cooking rice in this tool, the sugar content is claimed to be reduced by up to 54.5%. That way, you can still enjoy rice while maintaining a diet program. The processing only takes 13 minutes.

How to Choose An Electric Pressure Cooker

How to Choose An Electric Pressure Cooker

There are many things to consider when owning an electric pressure cooker, such as size and capacity, electric power, and so on. We will explain these things one by one in full below.

Make sure the size and capacity are suitable for the number of people

Electric pressure cookers are usually larger in size than regular rice cookers and will increase in size with capacity. So, there’s nothing wrong with choosing an electric pressure cooker after confirming its placement location.

When determining where to place it, you need to provide space to the left, right and top. That way, the electric pressure cooker is easier to move when the area is cleaned and the opening and closing process will not be disturbed.

You also need to adjust its capacity to the number of people in the house. In this case, you can calculate the number of family members in the house plus 1 liter. If you live alone, choose an electric pressure cooker with a capacity of 2 liters. 

However, if there are only three of you, an electric pressure cooker with a capacity of 4 liters is the answer.

Pay attention to the required electricity consumption

In general, there are two types of electric pressure cookers, namely induction heating (IH) and microcomputers. The following is a more complete explanation of the two types of electric pressure cookers.

  • Tipe induction heating (IH)

Most types of IH consume electricity almost the same as a rice cooker, which is 1200 watts, but their cooking ability wins. The temperature is evenly distributed so that it is very capable of making stews and various dishes. 

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However, you need to be careful when using it together with other electrical devices. If it exceeds your home’s power supply, the electricity will suddenly cut off.

  • Microcomputer type

This type of electric power consumption is lower than the IH type, around 600–800 watts, so it is more energy efficient. If you intend to use the electric pressure cooker more often, this type can be considered. However, because this type requires low power, you need to pay attention and adjust the cooking time accordingly.

Get to know the features for optimal utilization

It is important to check the features of an electric pressure cooker so that you can maximize its use. Apart from that, make sure the electric pressure cooker you want is easy to use!

Cooking, helps you process food in several ways

Electric pressure cookers are usually synonymous with boiled dishes, even though many have other functions and features. Some of the features and functions that you can try on the electric pressure cooker include:

  • The function of steaming and cooking rice

To save time, you can cook rice and steam food together using an electric pressure cooker. Usually, you can also adjust the cooking time to get the doneness and texture of the rice to your liking.

  • Low-temperature cooking

This feature can be used to tenderize meat by relying on temperatures below 50 ℃. Besides being able to make the meat softer, the low-temperature cooking feature also makes the spices seep into the meat more. So, you can use it to make stews and rendang.

The price of this multifunctional and feature-rich product is also not much different from the usual electric pressure cooker. Because of that, isn’t it better for you to choose a multifunctional electric pressure cooker? So you can try a wider variety of dishes!

Timer, your reminder when cooking in the midst of busyness

Nowadays it is not a strange sight when husband and wife both work. If you and your partner both have loads of work to do, an electric pressure cooker with a timer is a must-have for you. 

The timer feature allows you to add ingredients before going to bed and the pot will process them until they are cooked. So, you don’t have to wait for food. Just press the timer button and you can immediately eat it the next morning. Practical!

Reheat, makes it easier for you to prepare breakfast

Another feature that should be considered when choosing an electric pressure cooker is reheat or retain heat. The reheat feature can save time because you don’t have to spend a lot of time reheating food. So, you can cook food at night and eat it in the morning while it’s still warm.

Built-in recipe book, the ultimate guide to serving the tastiest food

There are many interesting recipes that can be prepared using an electric pressure cooker. However, some of you may still not know the recipe that can be cooked with this pot. Well, the stock pot recipe can solve this problem.

The default pot recipe is usually adjusted to the features and capacity of the pot. So, you only need to study and follow the instructions listed. Various delicious dishes will be served without having to bother using various cooking utensils.

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Prioritize the ease of use of the electric pressure cooker

What’s the point of having sophisticated tools if you don’t know how to use them? So that the electric pressure cooker doesn’t just sit in a corner of the kitchen, you should pay attention to the ease of use.

Close, it would be better if it was easy to open and close

Electric pressure cookers require a tight lid to ensure perfect pressure when used. In general, there are two types of lids on this tool, namely push and slide types. The push type tends to be difficult to clean, but the lid can be opened and closed easily with one hand.

Meanwhile, the slide type is more difficult to open using one hand and you need more energy to open it. Behind these shortcomings, the slide type lid is easy to clean.

Screen and buttons, you should choose which can be seen clearly

The more sophisticated a tool, the richer the features it has. Today’s electric pressure cooker is able to show ongoing processes through a screen on the body of the pot. 

As a result, you will know how long it will take to finish cooking. To make it easier for you to see the information, make sure you buy an electric pressure cooker with a clear display.

The electric pressure cooker also features easy-to-understand buttons and starts using voice technology to provide guidance. That way, it will be easier for you to receive and carry out instructions. 

This electric pressure cooker is suitable as a gift to parents or parents-in-law so that they don’t have trouble reading the letters on the body of the pot.

Consider the convenience factor in cleaning

Ease of cleaning is also an important thing to consider. The average electric pressure cooker is designed so that the inside of the pot can be removed and cleaned. However, the inside of the lid should also be removable because this is where food residue usually collects.

There are also products that don’t include how to clean them. If so, you may need to look for a separate review on how to clean it.

Prioritize safety issues of use

When choosing an electric pressure cooker, make sure you check its safety features. For example, you need to make sure there is a safety lock to prevent the pot lid from opening during use

Most electric pressure cookers already have this feature, but it doesn’t hurt to check again. We also advise you to check its condition both when it is closed and when it is open.

In addition, the presence of an anti-spill feature also maintains product safety and durability. It would be even better if the electric pressure cooker was equipped with a magnetic plug. This feature makes the electric pressure cooker not easy to fall even though the cable is caught in something.

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