10 Best Electric Scooters Recommendations (Latest in 2023)

Best Electric Scooters – Recently, many electric scooter users have been seen in urban areas, both in parks, sidewalks and on the highway. 

This scooter, which is also called an electric scooter or electric scooter, is getting more and more attention because it is cool, sophisticated and comfortable to ride. Electric scooters are also environmentally friendly because they do not emit emissions like motorized vehicles.

If you are planning to buy an electric scooter in the near future, then check this article out. We will share tips on choosing a good electric scooter as well as recommend the best electric scooter products on the market. Products from the Skutis, Segway, and Xiaomi brands are among them. Happy reading!

10 Best Electric Scooters Recommendations

Best Electric Scooters

We will recommend the ten best electric scooter products that we have determined based on how to choose above. These products are carefully selected by considering product quality, buyer reviews, and the level of trust in the seller. Our products are sorted by their popularity on the Shopee marketplace.

1. E-Scooters

If you are buying an electric scooter for the first time and are on a tight budget, this product might be the right choice. Even though the price is economical, safety and comfort are guaranteed because it is equipped with disc brakes.

Unfortunately, this electric scooter only has a maximum range of 10 km, making it less suitable for long distance driving. However, for those of you who just want to walk around the house complex, this scooter can be relied upon.


  • Has a saddle for more comfortable driving
  • Can be attached to the basket on the front of the electric scooter


  • Only has a maximum speed of 15 km / hour
  • Reviews say that the saddle iron and charger holder are easily damaged

2. Lightweight Electric Scooter

For those of you who have a fat body, this electric scooter from SwagWay is worth considering. This electric scooter has aluminum material that can withstand loads of up to 125 kg. Even though it supports heavy loads, this electric scooter can still go up to 25 km/hour.

You can easily take this electric scooter anywhere because it is light in weight. Interestingly, this product is also equipped with an LCD screen on the scooter handle. The LCD screen can display information on the scooter’s speed and battery status. 


  • It has a light weight so it is easy to carry
  • Has a load capacity of up to 125 kg


  • There are reviews saying that the product’s battery drains quickly
  • Aluminum material rusts easily if not cared for properly

3. Ninebot KickScooter F25

When it comes to design and portability, the electric scooter from SEGWAY is indeed a champion and there’s no doubt about it. With a foldable design, you can put this electric scooter in the trunk of a car.

This electric scooter is also equipped with LED lights on the front and rear. That way, you can drive safely at night. In addition, this electric scooter is equipped with a Bluetooth security lock so that storage is safer. 


  • Doesn’t take up much storage space
  • Has front and rear lights for extra safety


  • Charging time is quite long

4. Electric Scooter Kick Scooter E22

With great stability, this electric scooter from SEGWAY is perfect for beginners. This product also has anti-flat solid tires so you don’t have to worry about tire punctures.

Interestingly, the transfer speed is very smooth so that it provides comfort and safety for its users. Even so, we do not recommend that you ride this electric scooter for long distances. The reason is because this electric scooter has a distance of only about 16 km. 


  • Foldable and lightweight so easy to carry


  • Not suitable for use on roads with many inclines

5. Ninebot KickScooter C20

This electric scooter from SEGWAY has a design that young people will love. This electric scooter model comes in a stunning color scheme with a black frame and red highlights on the wheels. Not only that, the weight of this electric scooter is quite light, only 10.6 kg.

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This electric scooter from SEGWAY has three speed modes that can be adjusted according to your needs. For safe mode, scooter speed is usually in the range of 10 km/hour. 

Meanwhile, for cruise mode, the speed can reach 16 km / hour. Now, for turbo mode, you can drive a scooter up to speeds of 20 km/hour. Interesting right?


  • Light weight, only 10.6 kg
  • Has a light at the bottom of the footboard


  • The mechanical brake system can expand so that it sometimes lacks grip

6. Seated Electric Scooter D1

Not comfortable using an electric scooter while standing? If so, you can choose an electric scooter with a bicycle model like this product. DYU, which is a brand from Singapore, has succeeded in creating an electric scooter with a mount that resembles a bicycle.

This design makes you not easily tired because you can drive while sitting. Even though it resembles a bicycle, you cannot pedal this product manually. The reason is, this electric scooter moves using battery power.


  • It has a comfortable seat resembling a bicycle
  • It can be folded so that it is practical


  • Using only one mechanical brake at the rear

7. Mi Electric Scooter Pro 2 DDHBC11NEB

Xiaomi is back with the latest electric scooter product. Mi Scooter Electric Pro 2 is one of the best series from Xiaomi. Starting from design, performance, to safety, you can get everything on this electric scooter. With a lithium battery that has a capacity of up to 12.4 Ah, you can drive as far as 45 km.

In addition, this electric scooter has acceleration that doesn’t disappoint because the maximum speed reaches 25 km/hour. Due to the use of shock-resistant pneumatic tires, this product is suitable for driving on roads in various conditions. Interestingly, this electric scooter has a speed mode that can be adjusted according to needs.


  • Long lasting battery
  • Has a multi-function dashboard for driving comfort


  • Not equipped with a seat

8. Folding Electric Scooter ES5

If you see this scooter, you will definitely be attracted by its simple design and quality materials. This product material looks very sturdy and fierce. However, when you try to lift it, the weight of this scooter is quite light. This is because the material uses aircraft grade aluminum alloy.

In addition, this electric scooter from TaffSPORT has a fast battery charging feature. With powerful battery power, you can drive 25 km to 30 km away. Well, for you young executives who are often stuck in traffic jams, we recommend this product for you.


  • It is light enough to carry anywhere


  • It has no suspension or shock absorbers
  • Does not have a dual braking system


Those of you who want to bring an electric scooter when traveling to many cities in Indonesia are very suitable for using this product. 

This product from Skutis Corporation is designed according to the road conditions in Indonesia so that you can maximize its performance while driving. Challenging and bumpy roads are not a big problem.

You can also increase the speed of this scooter much faster than most electric scooters, up to 45-50 km/hour. If you want to ride more relaxed, this electric scooter can also be added with a bicycle saddle.


  • Has a mileage of up to 60 km
  • User load capacity up to 120 kg


  • Has a heavy weight of 25 kg
  • It doesn’t have a saddle so it’s less comfortable for long distance trips

10. Electric Scooter X7

Carrying an electric scooter close to a plug feels so troublesome and annoying. However, this does not apply if you choose this product because the battery can be removed for the charging process. If you are looking for an electric scooter with easy charging, consider this product.

The acceleration of this electric scooter is fairly steady with a maximum speed of up to 25 km/hour. With its performance, it’s no wonder that this electric scooter has the UL2272 safety standard. So, why not consider this electric scooter from Motify?

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  • The battery is detachable
  • Has a triple brake system so it’s safer


  • Does not have a special settings application connected to the smartphone
  • The screen display is very minimalist so sometimes the battery status is not visible

How To Choose An Electric Scooter

How To Choose An Electric Scooter

Like any other vehicle, buying an electric scooter or electric scooter requires a lot of consideration. Starting from the price, the specifications that are owned, to the matter of maintenance after purchase, everything needs to be considered. Come on, follow the discussion to make it clearer.

Check the specifications of the electric scooter

After you find several products that fit your budget, then check the specifications for each product. Each product has different specifications and advantages. Please adjust the specifications you need from these products.

Maximum speed, the travel time was so much faster

Some of you may have bought an electric scooter to take to work. Besides being able to avoid traffic jams, electric scooters can also help you get to the office faster. Electric scooters generally have a moderate speed, only around 20-30 km/hour

However, there are also electric scooters that have a maximum speed of 30–40 km/hour. With maximum speed, you can reach your destination faster. Even so, you also have to pay attention to the safety factor. So check the max speed of the electric scooter first before you buy it.

Light weight, facilitate your mobility

Many factors affect the weight of an electric scooter, from the materials used to the accessories included. Usually electric scooters weigh about a dozen kilograms (kg). However, you can also find some electric scooter products that weigh under 10 kg. So, consider the weight of this electric scooter. Because the lighter the weight, the easier you can carry it.

Compact size, more practical storage

Apart from weight, you also need to consider the size of the electric scooter when it is folded. The smaller the size, the more practical it is to carry and store. That way, you can save it without disturbing other people around you.

Large load capacity, so strong to support the body

Don’t forget to also check the load capacity of the electric scooter. Most electric scooter products are only able to withstand a load of around 100 kg. Maybe it won’t be enough for someone who has a fairly high weight.

Therefore, you need to ensure the load capacity of the electric scooter so that there are no problems when driving. Currently there are several electric scooters that have a capacity of up to 120 kg or more. You can choose a product like this to be safer. 

Large battery capacity, longer usage time

Electric scooters run on battery power so it is very important to consider the power capacity. With a large capacity, of course you can use it longer for longer distances.

The large battery capacity also prevents you from running out of power in the middle of a trip. However, the larger the capacity, the longer it takes to charge. So, try to consider this too, OK?

Lighting, suitable for driving at night

If you plan to ride your electric scooter at night, make sure you ride it on well-lit and level roads. In order for the lighting to be more adequate, you should choose an electric scooter that is equipped with lighting, both front and rear. Apart from helping you see the road better, this is also useful so that other road users can easily see you.

Headlights help you illuminate the road, while taillights help other vehicles know where you are. With lights, at least you are safer, even though driving an electric scooter at night is not recommended.

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Also consider the other features of the electric scooter

There are several other features that you need to pay attention to before buying an electric scooter. You need to pay attention to the type of tires, suspension, to the brake system that has an electric scooter. Come on, let’s take a look at the consideration of the following other features. 

The type of tire, related to the quality of driving and ease of maintenance

Tires are one of the important features that you should pay attention to when choosing an electric scooter. An electric scooter with the right tires will make driving more comfortable. Here are the types of electric scooter tires that you need to know.

  • Solid tires (without air) are recommended for those of you who like to drive on roads with smooth terrain. The reason is, maybe you will feel shocks when going through gravel roads if you drive with these types of tires. In addition, electric scooters with tires like these usually weigh more. However, maintenance of solid tires is more practical and easy.
  • Pneumatic (air-filled) tires are suitable for those of you who want to reduce shocks while driving. This is because the flexible rubber can work better in bad road conditions even without additional suspension. This type of tire is most often used on motorcycle or car tires. However, you need to check the condition of the tires regularly so that they last longer.

Electric scooter with suspension, perfect for riding on difficult terrain

There are many electric scooters that have now adopted a car-like suspension. This electric scooter with suspension is recommended for those of you who travel long distances on difficult terrain.

There are three types of suspension that are usually found on electric scooters, namely spring suspension, hydraulic piston and rubber. 

For comfort while driving, an electric scooter with a combination of spring and hydraulic piston suspension is the best choice. Unfortunately, not many sellers provide information about the suspension.

Quality brake system, to stay safe while driving

Electric scooter brakes can generally be divided into two, namely mechanical and electronic. For more details, see the following discussion, OK?

  • The mechanical braking system relies on a physical mechanism to reduce the speed of the electric scooter. The stopping distance is usually between 3-6 meters. The mechanical brake system itself can be further divided into three, namely foot brakes, drum brakes and disc brakes. This type of brake system makes you more comfortable driving.
  • Electronic braking system is a braking system that uses electric and regenerative. When compared to other braking systems, this system is less safe to choose because the braking force is weak and prone to failure. Even so, this electronic braking system has easy maintenance.

Currently there are many electric scooters that use a dual braking system in the form of a combination of mechanical and electronic brakes. With this system, your security will be more secure.

Pay attention to the manufacturer’s support regarding maintenance

In addition to the specifications you have, you also need to check the manufacturer’s support regarding the maintenance of the electric scooter after purchase. This is just in case there is a problem with the electric scooter you purchased. Factory support in question is about warranty, service center, and spare parts availability.

After all, electric scooters also need to be serviced and need replacement of worn parts, such as electrical or braking. because of this, you usually need to do a check every 500–1000 km.

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