Best Electric Eyebrow Shaver Recommendations Latest in 2023

Having eyebrows that are on point is everyone’s dream. One of the ways you can do to get the shape of the eyebrows you want is to shave them. To make shaving your eyebrows easier, you can use an electric eyebrow shaver. 

There are a variety of electric eyebrow shaving products available in the market today. However, which product should be chosen?

In this article, we will give you tips on choosing a good electric eyebrow shaver. We have also prepared the best product recommendations from a number of brands, such as Panasonic, Veet, and HerBaay. Check out the reviews, come on!

8 Recommendations For The Best Electric Type Eyebrow Shaver

Best Electric Eyebrow Shaver

We will recommend the ten best types of electric eyebrow shaver products which we have determined based on the selection method above. These products are carefully selected by considering product quality, buyer reviews, and the level of trust in the seller. Our products are sorted by their popularity on the Shopee marketplace.

1. Solo River Electric Hair Trimmer

This product from Solo River is suitable for those of you with sensitive skin. Thanks to its hypoallergenic products, you can shave your eyebrows instantly without pain. Your skin will also be protected from the risk of redness and irritation.

You can wash this eyebrow trimmer without worrying about reducing its performance. In addition, this product is also equipped with a head that functions to massage the skin and can be used when applying skincare. That way, skincare absorption will be more optimal.

2. Panasonic Facial Trimmer ES-WF61-W401/RP401

If you are on a budget and want an eyebrow trimmer from a top brand, give this product a try. Panasonic presents an electric shaver with a slim design equipped with a 0.12mm micro blade. The round tip of the blade has also been tested for safety. 

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In addition, the tip is deliberately designed with a slope according to the contours of the face so that it is comfortable when used. The shave results are claimed to be more detailed, smoother, and precise. 

3. Kemei 4 in 1 Shaver KM 6630

Generally, cordless type shavers can be used for a duration of approximately 30 minutes. Well, this product is worth considering if you need a longer shaving time. 

After 12 hours of charging, this clipper from Kemei can be used for 60 minutes. In addition, the design is more masculine so you can gift it to a male relative.

4. 4-in-1 Epilator for Ladies

This razor is equipped with four types of razors with different functions. So, you don’t have to bother buying a lot of products. You only need to replace the trimming head as needed.

This product is suitable if you want to always be hygienic because each trimming head is used in one area only. In addition, this shaver is claimed not to cause the skin to feel itchy, reddish, or darken after shaving. 

5. HerBaay Men’s and Women’s Shaving Set

Looking for an unusual gift for your partner? There’s nothing wrong with considering this product. HerBaay presents a package consisting of a pair of razors for men and women. 

The black men’s shaver is equipped with three types of blades for beard, sideburns and nose hair. Meanwhile, women’s razors can be used to remove and shave hair in a number of areas of the body, including the eyebrows. Apart from being used as a couple for your partner, this product is also suitable as a wedding gift. 

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6. Kemei Lady Shaver KM-8188

If you’re the type of person who values ​​flexibility, give Lady Shaver a try. This product from Kemei can be used in two ways. You can attach it to the adapter, it can also use the battery. If you want to use it cordlessly, you need to recharge it for six hours so that the battery is full.

The price is also quite affordable, so it is suitable for those of you who want to have an electric shaver on a limited budget.

Even though the price is affordable, the quality of this product is enough to meet the needs of those of you who want to shave their eyebrows at home. This shaver is available in two color options, namely red and blue. 

7. XIAOMI SOOCAS Vibrissac Scissors Portable

This product is recommended for those of you who often shave when wet or in the shower. XIAOMI equips it with IPX5 Waterproof Level so it is waterproof, even under running water. That way, this shaver becomes more hygienic because it’s easy to clean. 

In addition, this tool has a comfortable non-slip handle when held. The blades are also very small and tight so the shaving process is safer and there is less risk of injuring the skin. 

8. Veets Sensitive Touch Electric Trimmer

The body has a number of sensitive areas so you can’t just use a razor carelessly. If you want a shaver specially designed for sensitive areas of your body, including the browbones, give this product a try. 

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You can remove hair in sensitive areas with precision, fast, and without worrying about getting hurt. This product from Veet also makes it easier for you to tidy up and shape your eyebrows as you wish. 

Tips For Shaving Your Own Eyebrows At Home

After knowing the tips on choosing an eyebrow trimmer and product recommendations, are you even more interested in shaving your own eyebrows? Before that, we will give tips on shaving eyebrows for maximum results.

  • First of all, make sure the area around the eyebrows is clean. You can compress it with a towel or warm water so that the pores around the eyebrows open.
  • Use an eyebrow pencil to frame the brows and define the boundaries of the shaved area. If necessary, coat any eyebrows you don’t want to shave with petroleum jelly to keep them in place.
  • Make sure the shaver is clean, sharp and dry. Use your dominant hand to gently shave the eyebrows in the opposite direction of growth. Try not to cross the boundaries of a predetermined area.
  • Remove any hair residue on the skin and on the shaver. If your skin becomes reddish, compress with a cool towel or apply Aloe vera gel.

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