Top 10 Best Electric Fryer Recommendations (Updated in 2023)

An electric fryer is a tool that makes it easy for you to fry at home. Nowadays, there are not only electric fryers with oil, there are also air fryers that don’t need oil when used. In addition to various capacities and prices, some products have small watts and save electricity.

Therefore, this time we will share some important points that you need to know when choosing an electric fryer. We’ll also recommend ten great products from various brands, such as Philips, Mito, and Oxone. Let’s take a look at our following article so we can find the best electric fryer for you.

10 Best Electric Fryer Recommendations

Best Electric Fryer

We will recommend the ten best electric fryer products that we have determined based on how to choose above. These products are carefully selected by considering product quality, buyer reviews, and the level of trust in the seller. Our products are sorted by their popularity on the Shopee marketplace.

1. Premium Air Fryer XL HD9270/90

If you have many family members, choose the Philips electric fryer. This one product can accommodate up to 1.2 kg or 6.2 liters of food. The capacity is enough to make healthy dishes for the whole big family. 

Not only that, this Philips air fryer can also be connected to your cellphone or tablet, you know! So you can relax in another room while monitoring your cooking through your cell phone. When the food is ready, you will receive a notification. Wow, how sophisticated!

2. Digital Air Fryer AF1 V2

The biggest consideration for some people who are hesitant to buy an air fryer is the large amount of electricity. This is understandable because large electric power will make the monthly electricity bill swell. 

However, you no longer need to worry. Currently, there are electric-efficient air fryers, one of which is from the Mito brand.

Mito’s electric fryer only requires 650 watts of power. The electric power is of course relatively low for daily use. Not only that, this air fryer also has an attractive color choice and an aesthetic design!

3. Signora Indonesia Air Fryers

If you are a curious person, the Signora Air Fryer is for you. This electric fryer without oil is designed with a full glass cover like an oven. So, you can easily monitor the frying process without opening the lid. Besides knowing the process of ripening the food in it, you also don’t have to worry about your cooking going to burn.

4. Russell Hobbs Healthy Air Fryer

Russell Hobbs is the only electric cookware brand without oil that is equipped with a cooking guide on the product body. Of course, this innovation will greatly facilitate beginners who do not know how to adjust the temperature of cooking. 

Thanks to that, you can save time by not having to go back and forth studying from YouTube! Just look at the guide at the top of the air fryer every time you want to fry or bake. Practical, right?

5. Getra Deep Fryer EF-81

Are you planning to start a business in the culinary field? Culinary entrepreneurs, especially fast food, certainly need a deep fryer that is different from household use. Choose a large capacity electric deep fryer that is capable of frying large amounts of food at once. We recommend the Getra Deep Fryer EF-81. 

This Getra electric fryer has a capacity of 5.5 liters. This large enough capacity is able to meet the needs of your culinary business. This electric fryer is also equipped with a thermostat so that your work will be easier and more efficient. 

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In addition, the price of this product is not too expensive, it is perfect for saving your initial business capital.

6. Eco Air Fryer EJF211WOL

If you live alone or just the two of you with your partner, a mini electric fryer is for you. Try to consider a mini-sized electric fryer without oil from the brand Lock & Lock. This Lock & Lock Eco Air Fryer has a capacity of only 1.6 liters!

Apart from that, the design of this air fryer looks sleek and modern. This air fryer only measures 26.3 cm x 20.5 cm x 30.9 cm. This size will not take up too much space so your kitchen will still look spacious.

7. Deep Fryer – Electric Fryer IL-200DF

For those of you who are looking for a large capacity electric fryer at a friendly price, you can consider this product. This electric fryer from Idealife has a capacity of 4 liters so you can fry large amounts of food.

Then, the deep fryer feature is quite complete because there is a timer, thermostat, and also temperature control. This product is even equipped with a mini cover hole that can make it easier for you to check the frying process. 

Because of its complete features, it can be said that the price of this product is quite affordable. It’s not a loss to have this product at home.

8. Electric Deep Fryer FY-30

If you are looking for a cheap electric fryer for your daily needs, we recommend products from the Advance brand. Although the price is cheap, the capacity is quite a lot, namely 3 liters.

In addition, this Advance Electric Deep Fryer only requires 800 watts of electricity. It cannot be said that a small watt electric deep fryer, but this specification is the lowest for the deep fryer category. You too can fry without worrying about the electricity at home suddenly dropping.

9. Healthy Air Fryer NTL-AF256

A touchscreen or touch screen is a feature that complements a variety of the latest technological tools, including the air fryer. Notale also doesn’t want to miss the trend by launching an air fryer with a digital touchscreen feature.

The existence of a touch screen on the air fryer will make it easier for you to manage cooking. The options on the screen are also more diverse, not only limited to timers or temperature control. In addition, the Notale Air Fryer is also equipped with a glass cover. So, you can see the frying process without opening the cover.

10. Single Deep Fryer OX-989N

Oxone offers a deep fryer made of quality and stainless steel. So, the product will be more durable and long-lived.

Then, this Oxone deep fryer is also equipped with supporting features that can make the frying process safer. These supporting features are indicator lights, thermostats and timers. This frying pan is also accompanied by a lid so that the cooking process becomes more comfortable, no need to worry about hot oil splashing.

How to Choose An Electric Fryer

How to Choose An Electric Fryer

Before recommending the product, we will share some important points to consider before choosing.

Select the type according to the intended use

Electric fryers are divided into two types, namely without oil and with oil. Choose a product according to the intended use.

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If you want the convenience of frying food, choose an electric fryer with oil or a deep fryerYou only need to pour oil into the frying pan, then press the on button to heat it up with electricity. You can easily control the temperature of the oil so your food won’t go wrong. 

You can also put it on the table because it doesn’t use fire. Enjoy fried food with friends when you get together at home with a deep fryerDeep fryers come in a variety of sizes, from the size of a small rice cooker to the jumbo size. 

However, you must add the oil according to the directions on the electric fryer. The measure will obviously be different from an ordinary stove where the amount of oil can be adjusted.

Oil-free electric fryer: Makes it easy to fry healthy food

If you want to fry food in a healthy way, you can consider an electric fryer without oil or what is commonly called an air fryerFood will be fried using circulating heat in an electric fryer so that the calories can be reduced.

This product is highly recommended for those of you who are on a diet and pay attention to your health. It’s also easier to maintain than a regular wok because it doesn’t use oil. Not only frying, there are also products that are equipped with roasting features so that they are more versatile. 

So, if you want to know more about the air fryer, we also provide a special article about this healthy fryer. Click the link below to read the information and product recommendations.

Consider the size and capacity according to the number of users

Consider the capacity of the electric fryer according to the number of members in your family. Also make sure how many servings of food can be processed in it. 

The larger the capacity of the electric fryer, the greater the amount of food that can be fried. The following is an estimate of capacity and number of family members that you can use as a reference. 

  • Size 1.6 liters – 3 liters for yourself or a small family

This capacity electric fryer is suitable for those of you who live alone or live in a house with 2-3 family members. Thanks to its small size and capacity, you can easily store it in your kitchen cupboard.

  • Size 4 – 6.2 liters for large families and culinary businesses

If you have a large number of family members, choose a large capacity electric fryer. The large capacity electric fryers available in Indonesia are usually 4–6.2 liters in size. This large size can also be the best choice for those of you who have a culinary business.

Note that the capacity is directly proportional to the size of the electric fryer. So, don’t forget to also consider the ease of storage and storage.

Check the additional features that facilitate use

Also pay attention to the electric fryer feature to make it easier for you when frying. The following are points to pay attention to when choosing an electric fryer.

Features temperature control, food results can be more delicious

The thing that must be ensured when choosing an electric fryer so that the food produced tastes good is temperature control. There are products that can adjust the temperature from low, medium, and hot. However, the product is even more practical if it can be adjusted every 5 or 10°C. That way, you can cook optimally.

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You can also customize it with the menu. For example, high temperature to get a crunchy result and low temperature to get a soft texture. With temperature control, the use of electric fryers is even more diverse. You can cook without fear of failure.

Safety features, reducing worries during use

In order to minimize worries, let’s also check the product’s safety features and specifications in detail. For example, you will feel safer if the product has a thermostat to prevent the oil from overheating.

Then, there is also a magnetic plug that is able to prevent the power cable from being pulled apart when it is accidentally pulled. That way, the product will be safe to use for families with active toddlers. Unfortunately, this feature is still rarely found in products available in Indonesia.

In addition, choose an electric fryer with a lid so that hot oil does not get on the skin and dirty the table when frying. As much as possible, choose a product with a see-through lid. Because, with a transparent lid, you don’t need to be afraid that the food will burn.

Another feature, more multifunctional to maximize use

Choose products that can be used to cook a variety of dishes if you rarely fry food. You can choose products that can be used for baking, boiling, or sautéing food. With multifunctional products, you can cook a variety of foods and the products are even more comfortable to use.

With a variety of features, the price is even higher. However, you may end up using an electric fryer more often. It is suitable for those of you who feel sorry for adding electronic equipment just for frying.

Make sure the inner pot can be removed

Unexpectedly, electric fryers are quite difficult to maintain. Therefore, choose a product whose parts can be removed from the machine. That way, you can clean it more easily. Then, the product will be much more practical if the oiled inner pot can be removed and washed separately.

An electric fryer without oil is even more practical if the inner pot can be removed for washing. This is because a removable inner pot will make it easier for you to remove excess oil and dirt. You need to check this point carefully because there is also a pan in the product that cannot be removed.

Adjust the power according to needs

The power consumption of electric fryers is usually 1000–2500 watts. The greater the capacity and temperature of the air fryer, the greater the electrical power required. If you feel that the electric power is too large, choose a small watt electric fryer. 

Currently, there are many brands of low watt air fryers and deep fryers that won’t make your electricity bills swell. Try a deep fryer or air fryer with a low wattage, usually around 650 watts and below. You can adjust it according to the needs and capacity of the electrical power in your home.

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