Best Electric Eyelash Curler Recommendations (Latest in 2023)

Electric eyelash curler is a device for curling eyelashes using heat energy. This electric eyelash curler has several types, namely the type of curler and stick. Apart from being distinguished by type, this tool is also distinguished by the length of heating time and the resources used. 

There are many brands marketed, such as Panasonic, Maxell, Fillimilli, and others.
If you take a cursory look, it’s difficult to determine which product is good. 

Therefore, we will explain how to choose and recommend the best electric eyelash curler products. Use this article as a reference when you are going to buy an electric eyelash curler.

Top 10 Recommendations For Best Electric Eyelash Curler

Best Electric Eyelash Curler

We will recommend the ten best electric eyelash curler products that we have determined based on how to choose above. These products are carefully selected by considering product quality, buyer reviews, and the level of trust in the seller. Our products are sorted by their popularity on the Shopee marketplace.

1. Genie Heated Eyelash Curler

This product is easy to use because it uses the same method as a regular eyelash curler. So, those of you who are beginners and are not used to applying mascara can easily use this electric eyelash curler. 

In addition, the price is very affordable so you shouldn’t hesitate to try this product. It’s also the right size to put in a makeup pouch.

2. Pen Dry Eyelash PortableS442

Safety is the main thing when looking for electric products, one of which is the electric eyelash curler. This eyelash straightener is equipped with double protection, namely thermostatic control and a safety protection slot

Thermostatic control can prevent the engine from overheating which can cause the tool to catch fire or be easily damaged. Meanwhile, the safety protection on the vise comb keeps the heater from touching the skin which can injure the eyelids. A safe tool for you to have.

3. Akane Zora Electric Eyelash Curler

This tool has a serrated handgrip. So, if your hands sweat easily, using this tool will be suitable because the handgrip is comfortable to hold and doesn’t slip easily. The clamp is made of soft silicone when clamping your eyelashes. With a silicone color indicator that turns white when the tool is ready to use, its use is made easier.

4. DCkloer Eyelash CurlerZB-0205

If you are worried that when using an electric eyelash curler it will hit your eyelids, try using this product. The comb has a clip so it’s safer for your eyes.

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This product can also be used for false eyelashes. So, you can get false eyelashes that seem to blend in with the original eyelashes so that they seem thicker naturally. This product is perfect for those of you who often use false eyelashes.

5. The beginning Mini Heated Eyelash Curler

You can consider this Fillimili product if you are looking for a mini-sized electric eyelash curler. This tool is only 10.2 cm long and only requires one AAA battery. It is compact and lightweight to put in a beauty case and travel with. Wherever you go, long and beautiful lashes are easy to find!

6. Electric Eyelash

Do you want to look naturally beautiful in everyday life? This eyelash curler is the right choice. With two temperature options, you can adjust it according to the thickness of your eyelashes. As a result, your eyelashes will be perfectly curved up to every corner. This tool can bring out the natural beauty of your eyes!

7. Natural Electric Eyelash CurlerEH-SE11

This product has an interesting feature called a double heater. With this feature, your eyelashes can last longer up to a day. It’s perfect for those of you who don’t want to bother with eyelash touch-ups anymore. 

In addition, this Panasonic product is also very light, weighing only 16 grams. In addition, the battery is also claimed to last for three weeks.

8. Eyelash Curler ElectricZH-02D

The variety of makeup equipment and limited time when dressing up may make you often forget to close or turn off the tool. If this happens continuously, it is not impossible that the tool will be damaged quickly. 

Now, with this electric eyelash curler from InFace, you don’t need to worry about that anymore. When you forget to turn it off, it will automatically turn off after 10 minutes of turning on. Not only more practical, but also can save power!

9. Angelique Eyelash CurlerMXEL-200

We recommend this product for those of you who have high mobility so you have to be fast when doing makeup, including curling your eyelashes. To reach the optimal temperature, this product only takes ten seconds. After that, you can immediately use it without waiting a long time. 

You also don’t need to use it for a long time because the eyelashes are claimed to curl in 5 seconds. Another interesting thing about this product is that there is a mini flash light that can illuminate the eyelashes when they are curled. This lamp will help you curl your eyelashes even in a room with less lighting.

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10. Eyelash Curler New

This electric eyelash curler has four temperature settings that are adjusted according to the thickness of the eyelashes. You can set the temperature for soft, normal, thick, and hard/imitation lashes. 

With these temperature settings, you don’t have to bother adjusting it to your makeup appearance needs. This electric eyelash curler is suitable for those of you who work as makeup artists.

How to Choose An Electric Eyelash Curler

How to Choose An Electric Eyelash Curler

The following are important points that you should pay attention to when choosing an electric eyelash curler. Please read each point carefully, OK?

Choose a type that is easy to use

Electric eyelash curler is divided into two types, namely the curler type and the stick type. Choose the type that is easy to use based on the following references!

Curler type, easy to use by beginners and can curl quickly

For those of you who have never used an electric eyelash curler before, we recommend choosing this type. This type of curler can be used easily because it looks like a regular eyelash curler. So, it is also easy for beginners to use.

If you use this type of electric eyelash curler, your eyelashes can curl instantly just by pinching them. This is caused by the force of heat and pressure from the curler clamping your eyelashes. Unfortunately, this type has a size that is quite large so it is more suitable for home use only.

Stick type, easy to carry and no worry that the eyelid will be pinched

The stick type eyelash curler has the same method of use as mascara. To get curled eyelashes, you simply comb the eyelashes upwards. This type has a slim shape so it fits when traveling.

This stick type eyelash curler is suitable for those of you who are worried about pinching your eyelids when using a curler. However, it will take you some time to get used to using it as you have to create an arc to curl the lashes. If you are used to using an electric eyelash curler, this type is the best choice.

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Pay attention to the time required to reach the optimum temperature

Most electric eyelash curlers need time to reach the optimal temperature. Therefore, you need to pay attention to how long it takes to reach the optimal temperature.

There are products that are able to reach the optimal temperature in 10 seconds. However, most products take about 2–3 minutes to activate. If it takes too long, it can be a pain to use on busy mornings. So, you should choose a product that can reach the optimal temperature in a short time.

Look for products that are easy to treat

Leftover makeup, such as mascara and foundation, tends to stick to the hot electric eyelash curler. Therefore, make sure the product you choose is easy to clean. If you leave the appliance dirty, you will have a hard time curling your lashes perfectly the next time you use them.

Since it is not possible to wash the electric eyelash curler with water, choose a product by paying attention to the shape of the comb. Choose a comb shape that can block dirt from entering or that is easy to clean.

Determine based on the resources used

When choosing an electric eyelash curler, pay attention to the energy source used. There are two types of power use, namely using a battery and charging via USB.

  • Battery type

This type can operate on battery power. There are tools that require one battery, there are also two batteries. When you run out of battery, you can easily buy it at the nearest store. We highly recommend this type because you can easily use it when retouching makeup outside the home.

  • Tipe USB

Types that are charged using USB can also be used anywhere as long as there is a power source. You don’t need to buy batteries regularly. However, if the power runs out while you’re outside, you can’t use it. Before taking it on a trip, first check how long the product can be used

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