Best Electric Drums for Beginners (Reviewd by Music Producers)

Electric drums are the right choice for beginner drummers because the sound volume can be adjusted. That way, your practice sessions won’t disturb anyone else. Electric drums are also the perfect practice tool because they don’t require a lot of space to play. 

This time we will review the things you should pay attention to when choosing an electric drum. We also share the best product recommendations from various brands, such as Yamaha, NUX, Roland and Alesis. 

Read on and find a good electric drum kit to improve your skills. This article has been reviewed by our educator and music producer, Satrio Arwanto.

Collaborating With Experts: How To Choose An Electric Drum For Beginners

How To Choose An Electric Drum For Beginners

There are several things you need to pay attention to in order to find the right electric drum. Please take a look and find the right product!

1. Pay attention to the material of the pad

The feel and level of silence on each drum varies, depending on the material from which the pads are made. Let’s take a look at the various commonly used pad materials below.

Rubber pad, durable at an affordable price

Rubber pad has a good level of resistance at an affordable price. This type of pad is recommended if you have a limited budget. Because they are known to be durable, you don’t have to worry about having to spend money to replace pads frequently.

On the other hand, the rubber pad has a noisy soundThe pad is also difficult to bounce strongly. Therefore, the feeling of hitting an electric drum from this type of pad is not similar to that of an acoustic drum. If you’re looking for an electric drum with a thumping sensation like an acoustic drum, we don’t recommend this type of pad.

Mesh pads, quiet sound with the feeling of playing an acoustic drum

Looking for a pad that produces a quieter sound? We recommend that you choose a mesh pad. Not only that, the mesh pad also gives you the sensation of playing an acoustic drum.

There are also pads of this type whose reflectance can be adjusted. That way, you can set the sound of the pad to sound more natural. Having better quality, mesh pads are sold at a higher price than rubber pads.

Silicon pad, play with a deeper feel

If you want to enjoy the sensation of playing with a deeper feel, choose the type of silicon pad. Compared to the previous types of padssilicon pads have a more realistic feel. However, the level of quietness of the sound is not as good as the mesh pad.

This type of pad has a price that tends to be expensive. If you are still unsure which type of drum to buy, this type is not recommended.

2. Choose a product with a more varied drum and percussion sound source

One important factor for improving your playing skills is knowing the different sounds. Drums have a variety of sounds, depending on the location of the strokes and the level of force when hitting. Compared to acoustic drums, electric drums do not produce subtle nuances of sound.

If you want to improve your skills, choose a drum with a more varied sound source, especially the type of acoustic drum sound. The goal is for you to play more expressively with a more real feel. This will help you when playing the electric drums.

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3. Check the type of pedal used on the electric drum

In playing electric drums, there are two types of pedals that you need to know about. To make it easier to understand, here we provide a brief explanation regarding the two types of pedals on electric drums.

  • Silent kick pedalThis type of pedal is operated if you want to play drums with a sound that is not too noisy. Even so, you can still hear the thumping sound of the pedals when the drums are played.
  • Kick pad-pedalThe way it works is similar to the pedal used on an acoustic drum. The advantage of this pedal is that the sensation you get when playing the drums will feel more real.

4. Find out about other features that help practice

When choosing an electric drum, don’t forget to check for other features that can help you practice. Some products are equipped with additional features, including:

  • Musical accompaniment to practice from other instruments. With this feature, drum playing will not sound empty. This music can be played directly through the module or using other devices, such as Android, iPhone or laptop. You simply connect the jack cable connected to the drum module via the aux in port
  • Features headphones connected to electric drums. Through these headphones, you can practice in silence. You can also listen to the tempo of the metronome to make your playing more stable. 
  • Song or practice mode.

For a beginner, these features are certainly very helpful in improving the quality of the game. So, don’t forget to check it, OK?

5. Check out other components that can be added to improve your skills

Don’t forget to check whether the electric drum set can be added with other training components or not. Some products may add extra components, such as double pedals or pads with different sounds. This can help you improve your drumming skills. 

A beginner will find it difficult to play with lots of pads so you can add them gradually. That way, over time, you’ll be able to play with more pads and your skills will improve. So make sure to check that out too, y’all!

The 10 Best Electric Drums Recommendation For Beginners

Best Electric Drums

Next, we will recommend the ten best electric drum products that we have determined based on how to choose above. These products are carefully selected by considering product quality, buyer reviews, and the level of trust in the seller. 

Our products are sorted by their popularity on the Shopee marketplace. Disclaimer: The ten products below are purely recommendations and not from Satriyo Arwanto.

1. NUX DM-1X

This product has the advantage of its rich features and components. By using the AUX IN port, you can connect this electric drum set with the smartphone you have. In addition, there is a USB MIDI connection for connecting the drums with various other devices.

However, this drum comes with a wider rack so you’ll need to place it in a fairly large room. If you want to play drums with a double pedal, this product supports that concept. What’s more, the wide pad area on the kick section will make you more comfortable and flexible when playing the drums.

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2. Aroma TDX-15

Aroma TDX-15 has 12 kinds of sounds with a very simple display module. That way, this product is suitable for those of you who want to have an electric drum with simple and easy-to-understand features. 

To help you learn tempos and beats, this drum kit also includes a metronome. There are two pedals, namely kick and hi hat with a type of silent kick pad. Even though the price is relatively cheap, this drum provides quality pads with good velocity and is pleasing to the ear.

3. Yamaha DD-75

If you need an electric drum from a well-known brand that is affordable, this product is worth choosing. Besides being economical, the shape is also designed to be practical to carry anywhere. This Yamaha brand drum can also be operated using a battery. So, you can take it anywhere and play it anywhere.

If you’ve ever played acoustic drums, you may be dissatisfied with this product because the pad sizes are too small. This electric drum is intended for practice for beginners. 

One of the uniqueness of this drum is that there is a hand percussion facility. You can play percussion sounds with your hands like you are hitting an acoustic conga. Interesting right?

4. Yamaha DTX-452K

This electric drum is capable of displaying dynamic percussion sounds to modern rock drums. The steel rack system allows the drum kit to be adapted to various styles so that even left-handed players can play drums comfortably.

If you want to have a personal trainer for drum practice, this product has a special teacher, you know! The voice guidance feature on this drum is ready to be your accompanying teacher to become a reliable drummer . In addition, this Yamaha drum is also equipped with various songs that can be used in the learning process.

5. Yamaha DTX-MULTI 12

If you like MIDI and DJ music, we recommend the Yamaha DTX-Multi 12. This multi drum pad is equipped with advantages such as Multi Voices and Multi Effects which have a wide spectrum of sounds. There are also various types of sound, namely digital sound, DJ, and percussion.

The drums also feature 128 MIDI patterns for a variety of styles of music, including rock and house. Another feature, you can sound this pad with your bare hands or without using a stick. Thus, when playing hand percussion sound, you will feel a unique sensation.

6. NUX DM-7X

This electric drum uses a sensor pedal with 8 pads covered with mesh pad material. As a result, the sound created will be quieter. This product is suitable for those of you who are looking for an electric drum with a more natural sound like an acoustic drum.

The drum kit is equipped with a key to adjust the comfort of the bounce or spring force generated when hitting the drum. Interestingly, the appearance of this electric drum module looks sophisticated. There is a small screen like a TV that displays the character of the selected music and the strength of the hit on the snare.

7. Roland TD-1KV V-Drums

The Roland TD-1KV V-Drums has a simple control panel. You can access all drum functions quickly and easily. The control panel is designed so that you can see some info with the LED display. In addition, there is an indicator light that flashes as the tempo of the metronome. This will certainly help you as a beginner.

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This drum has cool quality and detail. Some of these are its pad share that uses a PDX-8 mesh head that will make you feel like you’re hitting an acoustic drum. In addition, you can do the technique of playing the cymbal choke on the cymbal.

8. Alesis Nitro Mesh Kits

The Nitro Mesh Kit has an aluminum frame which is certainly durable. One of the advantages of this drum is the existence of a sophisticated sequencer and recorder that can record and expand music creation. That way, your ability to process and play music can increase.

This series of electric drums has a classic feel because the layout is similar to an acoustic drum. You will feel like playing acoustic drums. In addition, this product is able to present a variety of modern music. You can connect it with a PC, tablet or smartphone.

9. Alesis CompactKit 7

This electric drum is one of the most popular products on the market. As the name implies, this Alesis drum has 7 pads with a tabletop or tabletop drum kit design. If you are looking for an electric drum with a rich sound bank, you can choose this product. About 100 built in percussion sounds and a variety of tunes are available to accompany your playing.

The Alesis CompactKit 7 is also equipped with a 3-digit LED display that shows the operating status of the drum. In addition, there is a separate LED that will light up in response to each stroke of the pad.

10. Roland TD-1KPX2 V-Drums Portable

In order for you to become proficient at playing the drums quickly, practice frequency plays an important role. With these electric drums from Roland, you can practice anytime without disturbing your surroundings. There are low-noise mesh-head pads and a KT-9 pedal that you can buy separately to block vibration and noise.

In addition, you can also use headphones to practice at night. This series is also known for its innovative folding design. Without the need to remove the pads and cymbals, you can fold them up and take them anywhere.


Have you found the right product? Choosing an electric drum is sometimes not easy. In addition to finding products with the best materials, there must be a “connection” between the players and the musical instruments being played. So, not all types of electric drums will suit you.

There are several considerations before choosing an electric drum, such as determining the pad material, the type of sound you want, to other auxiliary features. Choose carefully and hopefully you will find the product you are looking for.

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