For A Perfect Smile, Choose The Best Rated Electric Toothbrushes!

Electric Toothbrushes! Although traditional toothbrushes are much more common in homes around the world, the truth is that it is a mistake not to take advantage of the fact that technology is on our side, also in the category of cutting-edge  devices

One of the most prominent, and one that dentists always recommend, is the  electric toothbrush. Little by little, it is replacing those of a lifetime to carry out a  much more exhaustive and deep cleaning

For this reason, and because when you try it you will not want to go back to the traditional one, you have to discover which are the best sellers and all the benefits they provide. 

We analyze the most sought after models of the moment, choose the one that best suits your needs!

The Best-Selling and Best-Rated Electric Toothbrushes

Electric Toothbrushes

Characteristics that we have taken into account when selecting these electric toothbrushes:

  • User opinions and average rating
  • Brushing modes available
  • Heads and extras included
  • battery capacity
  • Technical specifications


If you have a sensitive mouth, stop looking for the sonic toothbrush of your dreams, because the Swedish brand has designed this model that works with T-Sonic pulsations and its silicone filaments are capable of stimulating blood microcirculation in the gums and promoting regeneration of its tissues, so you can avoid the dreaded gingivitis and periodontitis

With FOREO ISSA 3 you get an effective cleaning that, in addition to gently massaging the gums, with the curved area you can work the area of ​​​​the tongue and cheeks.

One of the most attractive points is that its autonomy is 365 days, with a single USB charge you can forget about if it runs out of battery! Until March 19, take the opportunity to get the star offer in which they will also give you  an ISSA Play valued at €49.

PROS:  It is the best treatment to deal with gingivitis and periodontitis, and even protect us from it.

CONS:  its high price.

If you do not want to be aware of the battery of your electric toothbrush and also your objective is to protect the teeth from any bacteria, do not hesitate to get this Swedish proposal with that attractive Swedish design.

2. Oral-B Electric Toothbrush

Oral-B  ‘s  Vitality 100 model   is the brand’s most requested on Amazon and so many users can’t be wrong. Although this one comes with a pink handle, you can find it in more options, but let’s get technical. 

It is designed to give you a  clinically proven clean  that is much more intense than with a manual toothbrush. In addition, it includes  a two-minute timer   to help you calculate the time that the experts recommend.

The CrossAction  replacement head  surrounds each tooth while its 2D cleaning action removes the most stubborn plaque. The set in question comes with an extra head.

PROS: It is the best seller and best valued. It has a replacement head. It is one of the cheapest.

CONS: Battery could last a bit longer

It has a great quality/price ratio, if you don’t want to spend a lot of money, this is yours.


Another of the most cutting-edge models of the moment is none other than   Braun’s Pro 2,500, which offers a “clinically superior” cleaning, according to the manufacturer itself, both for teeth and for gum care. 

In this last sense, its task is to be gentle with them thanks to its luminous pressure sensor, which alerts you if you are exerting too much force.

On the other hand, it also whitens from day one, thus eliminating any type of surface stain that may have previously appeared. In addition, in this case it comes in a gift pack with a travel case and a replacement head.

PROS: It has an intelligent function to take care of the gums thanks to a light sensor that alerts you. Includes a pack with case and replacement head. It has a professional timer and 2 cleaning modes.

CONS: Not the quietest of all.

For less than 50 euros you have a professional quality brush at home and it is especially recommended if you have sensitive gums.


Do you want to have your mouth clean but, at the same time, you want to whiten your teeth without having to go to the clinic? Then look no further because the iWhite electric toothbrush is perfect. 

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This is because its bristles are impregnated with active carbon, one of the most effective ingredients when it comes to achieving whiter teeth. 

On the other hand, it offers 4,000 vibrations per minute, designed to deep clean in just 2 minutes (30 seconds for each of the four quadrants). In terms of durability, it has a 3-month battery that you can recharge with a USB output. 

In addition, you can select the function that best suits you, from removing plaque, through a softer function for sensitive teeth and even for gums. Finally, the polisher will help to whiten the enamel, just as you want.

PROS: It is ideal if what you are looking for is to whiten the tone of your teeth. It is fast and effective (2 minutes for total cleaning) and has 5 different brushing functions. It has a very durable battery and is one of the most complete.

CONS: It is not from a well-known brand, so you will only find spare parts in stores like Amazon.

One of the best and most complete electric toothbrushes at a very affordable price.


Only Foreo could offer you the most original option and that is the Issa electric toothbrush, in this case, in the  Mini 2 Summer Sky edition. 

Designed for children over 5 years old, the brand ensures that it is capable of turning brushing into the most fun moment. 

It’s made of silicone and features sonic pulse technology and a hybrid head to brighten, whiten, and polish your smile. Its internal filaments remove plaque while the external ones are responsible for massaging the gums.

In addition, it has what they call  Smiling Helpers  that will control the habit of the little ones.

 The happy face will appear only two minutes after brushing and the sad face if the estimated time has not been completed or if it has not been used for more than 12 hours. With a single charge, they will be able to use it for more than a year.

PROS: It is a high-quality brush that has technology designed to motivate children when brushing

CONS: It has a higher price than usual

If you want to treat your children to the best brush for children, then do not hesitate.


But technology goes further and now it also connects your oral health with your mobile so that you can have everything under control. That ‘s what the Philps Sonicare ExpertClean electric   toothbrush  promises

It includes a pressure sensor, intelligent head recognition, three cleaning modes and the possibility of connecting to an  app  that determines the details of your mouth. 

According to data, it removes up to 10 times more plaque than a traditional toothbrush, but it also contributes to 7 times healthier gums in just two weeks.

As for the modes it has, there are three: daily cleaning, deep cleaning and gum care. However, it also incorporates three intensities with intelligent sensors that will determine which one you need. 

Connect the device to the App and it will give you personalized brushing instructions and will keep track of you.

PROS: removes up to 10 times more plaque than other toothbrushes and up to 7 times healthier gums in just two weeks of use. It has 3 cleaning modes and 3 intensities. Cleaning is deeper than usual.

CONS: It is more expensive than the rest and the battery does not last as long as it should

If you are looking for a deep cleaning and almost at a professional level, then this model is yours.


Another of the leading brands in the dental health market is Vitis and, therefore, you cannot fail to appreciate one of its most demanded models, the  Sonic S20 electric toothbrush. 

How does it work? With double action sonic technology, which promises maximum efficiency brushing on issues such as the removal of oral biofilm but always respecting the integrity of the enamel and, of course, the gums. 

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It is also famous for improving interproximal hygiene, in part, due to the design of its heads, with high-quality Tynex filaments.

It gives you the option to select three modes: normal, precision or massage depending on what you need at all times. It has a 2-minute timer with 30-second pauses for each zone and its battery lasts more than a month.

PROS: It is also a professional quality brush but at a lower price and its refills too. It has 3 brushing modes and battery indicator.

CONS: It is not specially designed for people with sensitive gums.

It is another upper-middle-range brush that has almost all the features of the higher-end ones but at a lower price.


Bacterial plaque is one of the most common problems that most affects the dental health of users, so it’s time to remedy it and stop being part of the average. You will get it with the electric toothbrush, Active Blue, from PHB. 

Its head, interchangeable when the moment arrives, works with a rotary oscillating movement, providing the greatest efficiency in the removal of said plaque, especially in the most difficult-to-reach gaps, as well as on the interior surface of each tooth. 

Its filaments are made of Tynex to make the process more pleasant and thus protect both teeth and gums.

PROS: specially designed to remove plaque from teeth and with great power that it uses in rotary motion (8,000 RPM)

CONS: does not include charging base or extra spare parts

A good option to remove dirt from areas that are difficult to access.

Types of Toothbrushes

Although the most common is to have a  manual toothbrush, the truth is that there are so many types that it would be difficult for you to decide if you had to start from a base today. 

One of them is the  electric type, the protagonist of this article and the most recommended by experts. However, you also find options such as interdental brushes, with a round head, chewable and even musical.

Why Use an Electric Toothbrush?

Why Use an Electric Toothbrush

According to recent studies focused on this matter, people who regularly use  electric toothbrushes  have better conditions than those who do not. 

More specifically, it has been observed how these users boast of having gums in better condition, as well as less wear at the dental level and less tendency for them to split and, therefore, to keep them intact.

As noted by the  Dental Health  organization in an 11-year study, “electric toothbrushes, especially those that incorporate rotating heads in both directions or with various movement and size options, are very effective in removing plaque.” 

Which, in turn, contributes to the fact that both the enamel and the gums remain healthy and strong. In addition, they are much more effective in the entire cleaning task, leaving the teeth up to 63% cleaner than those for manual use.

Another study, this time from the  Journal of Clinical Periodontology, has found the following data: Electric toothbrushes reduce wear and dental recession by 22% and 18% less cavities. And right here we leave you some of the best models.

Differences Between an Electric Toothbrush and a Manual One

Although, as the ADA ( American Dental Association ) points out, both options are effective when it comes to cleaning, electric toothbrushes have shown more safety and productivity  in their task. 

This is due, among other factors, to the fact that the rotating heads remove the plaque settled in all parts of the teeth and gums. 

On the other hand, the vibrations they emit allow those micro-movements to take the toothpaste to corners that a manual one cannot reach. This also leads to completing their mission in less time.

Another interesting fact is that, according to a study, people who brush their teeth with electric ones do so conscientiously and, therefore, the results are better in the long term. 

In addition, you will not have to change tools every two by three, but simply replace the head when indicated by the manufacturer.

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Characteristics to Consider When Buying an Electric Toothbrush

There are several aspects to value when acquiring your first electric toothbrush. One of them is  the size. Do not choose electric toothbrushes that are too small or too large. 

Generally, the large ones make it more difficult to reach certain areas of the mouth and the small ones will prolong the brushing time. Also the hardness of the heads is important, especially if you have sensitive gums. 

Generally, brands should specify whether theirs is extra soft, soft, medium, or hard. In addition, in general, experts recommend the use of soft heads so as not to damage the enamel. 

Another aspect to take into account is its movement oscillation, because it will not help you much if it is electric and does not include it. that you have More than one mode or speed  is always a good idea, as you can customize your routine. 

Finally, make sure that it has  a guarantee of at least 2 years, as well as a long-lasting battery.

How to use an electric toothbrush correctly

Best of all, they’re  so much easier  to use  than conventional toothbrushes, so it won’t take you long to learn how. 

To do this, place the toothpaste on the head as usual and start brushing at an angle of 45 degrees as if it were a traditional one. After a few seconds, connect the mode you need and go from tooth to tooth calmly

If you have a smaller alternative head, use it for the areas you consider based on the size of each tooth. As the experts point out, the fact that it is electric does not mean that you can spend less than 2 minutes washing it. Take it easy.

Frequent Mistakes in Brushing Teeth

This is applicable to all types of devices and you should keep this in mind. According to the Myers Street Dental Clinic, there are eight:

  1. Choosing the wrong toothbrush: maybe the one you bought is too big, too small, too hard, too soft… Take a good look or consult your primary dentist if you have any doubts.
  2. Brush your teeth too much or too little:  Neither one thing nor the other. As recommended by said clinic, twice a day after the most important meals would be enough. This is because excessive brushing could alter the state of the enamel and damage the gums. Reduced use contributes to plaque and bacteria settling in your mouth.
  3. Incorrect brushing:  You have to do it in circular movements, reaching all the enamel but also the line of the gums. Hold the brush at a 45 degree angle, being careful not to apply too much force to burn the polish.
  4. You do not dedicate time to it:  Do not be in a hurry, surely you have two minutes to do it calmly. The good thing about having electric toothbrushes is that they have a timer so that you have these minutes under control at all times.
  5. The internal areas are also important…:  And, unfortunately, they are the great forgotten ones. Try to have gone through the integrity of each tooth, also in the internal areas and in those that are closest to the tongue.
  6. The tongue and cheeks are also brushed:  This is usually done with the back of some brushes, which incorporate a kind of silicone filaments designed for this purpose. With them you will get rid of bacteria in a comprehensive and effective way.
  7. Do you leave the brush outdoors? So it is accumulating all kinds of external agents without you realizing it. In fact, bathrooms are usually a source of bacteria, no matter how clean you see them, so it is preferable that they have some kind of lid or that they are stored in silicone or insulating plastic cases. Of course, dry them first thoroughly.

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