Understanding Blogging, Blogger and Blog In The Web World

Since the internet network has become increasingly known, many people have used it to earn income, namely by building a professional website and having interesting and useful content. Along with the increasing number of internet users, making many people swerve by blogging.

Blogging is an activity of managing a web log or blog, in terms of adding content in the form of text and images on a regular basis. In other words, the notion of blogging in the world of the web is an activity carried out by someone in managing and developing a website or blog well, so that it can be visited by many people.

Blogging is an activity that is not easy to do, because the manager must make various efforts so that his site always has an increasing number of visitor traffic. What’s more, efforts must also be made, so that the site is always in the top ranking on the first page of the Google search engine.

The reason is, the more popular a website / blog with an increasing number of visits, the more income you can get. However, all of this cannot be separated from strategy, SEO optimization and other efforts made to increase the professionalism of a website. However, before learning all that, at least you have to understand blogging and things related to it.

In the Web World What Is Blogging?

Understanding Blogging, Blogger and Blog In The Web World

As previously explained, blogging is an activity of managing a blog. Which, this activity is carried out by utilizing digital tools found on the internet so that bloggers can create content, link content to be able to share content easily.

Blogging activities became known in the early 2000s, initiated by a number of blogs with political content. But a few moments later, blogs with how-to themes and tutorial-themed blogs began to appear.

Since its appearance until now, blogging activities have become increasingly popular. Even though at first, blogging was a mainstream platform, because previously it was thought that it could only be used to display news and information, as was the case with online newspapers.

But over time, people can judge that the presence of a blog has its own comfort level. Because on a blog, people can easily update information, what’s more, they can easily access any information on the selected blog site or web log.

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In fact, blogging activities are becoming more famous and phenomenal, since specific methods and strategies are known to earn income from managing and developing blogs/websites. Until now, it has been proven that there are many professional bloggers in Indonesia with fantastic income from the blogs and websites they manage.

Who Are Bloggers?

It’s been mentioned many times about ‘blogger’, but do you know what it means? Yes, a blogger is a person or party who creates and manages a website/blog. This is because bloggers have an important role to share perspective views with online audiences, both for business and personal purposes. The types of topics published also vary, ranging from art, beauty, health, automotive, politics, parenting, gadgets, business and so on.

Currently, there are already many famous bloggers like world celebrities online and offline. This is because, so many people visit their site, it makes many people curious about the profile of the owner and manager of the site.

Most of the profession as a blogger is used as a side job, but there are also those who make the blogger profession their main career. Meanwhile, there are also those who only pursue blogging activities because of a hobby, that is, only to channel and express the activities they like.

Even though blogging is an activity that is not so easy, blogging is one of the fun professions to do. A blogger doesn’t always have to stay silent somewhere in writing content. Because, this content can be written anytime and anywhere, but it still has to be adjusted to the type of niche blog that is created. Therefore, anyone can become a blogger, including you.

What are Blogs?

From blogging activities to people who do it (bloggers), you already understand. So, have you understood what a blog is about so far? The definition of a blog in general is, a web or online journal that can be used to contain various information and to display content posts.

These content posts can be updated regularly, starting from setting the publish time, adding tags, adding photos, audio and even video. In this case, posting content must be displayed as attractive as possible and reading articles must be easy to understand. In addition, content posts must have useful benefits for their readers.

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What are the Functions and Uses of Blogs?

There are actually many reasons why many people and companies use blogs or web logs. A small example like this, if you have a hobby of raising chickens and if you want to share your story, then you can share it with the audience on the internet about how to raise chickens that produce lots of eggs and lots of chicken meat.

Besides being able to be used to share information, blogs can also be used as a place of business that is quite promising. This is because websites and blogs have a structure that is not rigid, so you can design and post something as attractive as possible, according to the wishes and needs of visitors. On the other hand, there are also several features that can be placed in it, to make it easier for visitors to access your website / blog.

All the information you initially wanted to know, you will most likely find here. If you are interested in becoming a professional blogger, then from now on you have to start learning how to create, manage and build the right blog / web so that you get lots of visits and lots of income.

Because, even though blogging is an activity that is not quite easy to do, this activity is very interesting and full of challenges, which always requires you to practice your skills and choose the right strategy to increase the popularity of your web or blog.

What is The advantage of learning blogging?

In short, it can be said that blogging is a blogging activity carried out by bloggers. So what is a blog? And what are bloggers? Later, we will describe one by one in the meeting of this article. But before that, you must find out information about the benefits of learning blogging. Among them, include:

  • You can learn, how to create, build and develop a website / blog.
  • You can learn ways, strategies to special techniques to make your site popular and have lots of visits every day.
  • You can learn to increase income from blogging activities, so that this activity can be used as a side business with quite promising profits.
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So from here, do you become more interested in blogging? If that’s true, then you should know a lot of information about blogging and other things related to these activities.

Types of Blogs

If classified according to purpose and function, there are two types of blogs: personal blogs and business blogs.

  • Personal Blog – This type of blog is intended to serve the personal interests of the author. Usually to share stories, experiences, opinions, portfolios and the like. A personal blog is often referred to as a blog owner’s diary in digital form, available to anyone online.
  • Business Blog – Starting a blog is not just out of personal interest. As previously explained, blogs can also be used to promote online media/market research. The role of a business blog is to be able to generate traffic for an online store or company website. Due to their more dynamic nature, business blogs can provide regular content updates. In contrast to websites which are more static in nature which only display product information. This is why many companies choose to create a blog to complement their website while also bringing traffic to it.

Blog Structure

Currently there are lots of blog developments with all the additional features and add-ons. But in general, blogs usually have the following structure:

  1. There is a header at the top of the blog with a menu and navigation bar.
  2. Main area in the middle with recent or bookmarked content.
  3. There is a sidebar on the right or left which contains the blog owner’s profile, social sharing invitations (Call to Action).
  4. The footer contains the blog’s disclaimer or contact information.

After reading the explanation above, now you know the difference between blogs, blogging, blogger and blogspot. If you want to start a blog, make sure to fill the blog with things you love to make blogging more fun. Who knows later blognya can make money!

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