Travel and Accommodation Tips! Understanding the Transportation

Travel and accommodation are two important parts in the world of tourism. As in the sense of tourism, namely human activities that travel to and live in destinations outside their daily environment, means of transportation are needed. 

Likewise in the sense that tourists are visitors who stay overnight or visitors who live in tourist destinations, will need accommodation.

Travel and Accommodation Tips

Travel and Accommodation Tips! Understanding the Transportation

Sometimes we get carried away by the many offers that exist on flights to different places and we think that the trip has already been arranged, but in reality travel involves a lot more things and accommodation, especially the importance of choosing the right type of accommodation where we will be.

Today there is much more choice and flexibility than last year, as we have the usual hotels, hostels, hostels, apartments and even home exchanges. There are many formulas to choose the one that works best for us, but we always have to consider a few things, and that’s why we are giving you this tip.

Find accommodation

Today it is very easy to find accommodation, because the Internet offers thousands of possibilitieswith all kinds of offers. We’ll find great prices on comparing websites, although it’s always good to go to the hotel, apartment or hostel’s own website to see if there are any offers for those renting on the same website, which are very common. 

The web also allows us to compare prices, see realistic photos from other users and most importantly have an honest opinion about their visit to get a real picture of what the accommodation is like. 

Sometimes it seems that they offer a lot of services but on arrival the place may not live up to our expectations. This is something we were able to save money with a little online research into the accommodation in question.

Stay at the hotel

Hotels are accommodation par excellence and they have many advantages. They usually have all kinds of facilities and services that are not found in other accommodations.

 From all-inclusive restaurants, swimming pools, spa areas, gyms and so on, depending on the type of hotel. The best category is five stars, although we can see hotels with fewer stars that have good facilities. 

The comfort of a hotel is its best asset, although prices are usually higher, especially if you want to stay in high season. These are also great options for families as they usually have a kids menu or play area and even a mini club with animations and activities to keep them entertained.

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Live in hostels

This is the option chosen by the youngest because it is cheap, but their services tend to be few. You should be well informed if you choose a room with a private or shared bathroom, and especially look at the comments about hostels, as some may fall short on quality. 

On the other hand, breakfast is usually less than in hotels, so it is advisable to go early in the morning to be able to enjoy breakfast.

Rent the house in full

Renting a house in full is usually done in rural settings to enjoy a weekend or vacation with family or a group of friends. We have to remember that they will usually ask us for a deposit in case of damage. 

Better to confirm with the owner that there is no damage, so they don’t make us pay them if it’s not. This is a very good choice to have privacy, although we must always clean it. In some homes for less money they have cleaning services.

Live in camping

In general, you don’t need to book a campsite stay unless you’re going to places with a lot of demand. This option is one of the cheapest but we also have to share bathroom and space. 

A great option are family bungalows as they offer the comfort of a small apartment. You have to look at all the conditions, because sometimes they charge separately to park the car in the enclosure. 

In campsites also there are certain rules so it’s better to find out about everything, especially the hours when you can’t make noise and such details to avoid surprises.

Lives in an apartment

This is an increasingly popular option, especially among young people. On Airbnb we have a page where people are renting out their apartments, so they offer some great prices

Sometimes we even find apartments in ideal locations for seeing the city, so it’s worth stopping by. Although some people may be suspicious, these pages are usually very reliable. 

You submit a proposal to rent an apartment and the landlord contacts you to find out more about you and confirm or not the reservation depending on what you’re looking for. 

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You also have time to cancel your reservation free of charge. In this type of apartment it is good to ask the owner about everything in the apartment, does he have towels and bed sheets and such things which might be important.

Understanding of transportation (Travel) in tourism

The definition of transportation in tourism is a means (tool) to achieve tourist destinations and also a means of movement at tourist destinations. (the means to reach
the destination and also means of movement at the destination)

While in general the notion of transportation is the movement of people or goods from one place to another by using a vehicle that is driven by humans or machines. Transportation is used to facilitate humans in carrying out daily activities.

Referring to the definition of tourism, tourism is a temporary movement of people from one piece to another, meaning the existence of the transportation industry is very important, taking into account that tourism travel involves human mobility from one place to another. 

In its development, the function of means of transportation is not only as a means of mobilization, but also as a tourist attraction ( leisure part ).

Tourist transportation that can be used by tourists includes:

Air transport

Air transportation is used by tourists who want comfort and speed because air transportation can cover long distances and travel times and is capable of transporting passengers and goods accommodation. 

Types of aircraft transportation, both international flights and domestic flights, can be in the form of wholesale or charter flights and  scheduled flights.

Land transportation

Every tourist activity certainly requires ground transportation in the form of cars (private and rented), as well as buses, trucks, taxis, trains. Land transportation provides several benefits because it is flexible in that it can deliver passengers “from door to door”.

Ground transportation can provide personal convenience. Tourists can define travel routes and accommodation, set departure and arrival times and stops. Land transportation can reach difficult areas even though remote areas. 

It functions as a means of transportation, a means of recreation and accommodation and is capable of transporting passengers and baggage.

Water transportation

Water transportation provides its own experience and impression. Water transportation that can be used includes ferry crossings, cruise ships, lake boats, rivers and canals, and boats.

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Sea transportation is able to reach small islands (especially those that cannot be reached by other means of transportation) and uses natural resources (water). Water transportation can
accommodate many users ranging from boats, canoes, ferries, to cruise ships.

Just like air transportation, water transportation consists of international shipping and domestic shipping, which can be in the form of wholesale or charter shipping and  scheduled shipping.

Definition of accommodation in tourism

The definition of accommodation in tourism is a building or part of a building that is specially provided, and everyone can stay, eat, and obtain services and other facilities by payment.

The notion of accommodation is not only for tourism but can have an understanding according to social science, namely an agreement between two groups that have different opinions on the subject, or the process of reaching an agreement. Accommodation is also known in biology, namely the adjustment of the eye to receive clear images of different objects.

Accommodation facilities are of course very much needed for every tourist activity, because the activity takes more than 1 day. All accommodations generally provide lodging services which are complemented by food and drink services and other services but in various forms.

Accommodation takes many forms. Hotel is a form of accommodation generally used by tourists. Other forms of accommodation can be in the form of motels or motor hotels, youth cottages, villas, bungalows and cottages, tourist cottages, guest houses or guest houses, dormitories, inns, marinas, cruise ships, caravans, boat hotels, flats, apartments and condominiums..

Each accommodation is classified and categorized because tourists who are hotel guests, for example, consider this assessment to indicate the quality of service and the completeness of the facilities offered. The higher the accommodation rating, the better the quality of the facilities and services along with the higher the price.

Those are the Travel and Accommodation Tips if you want to go for vacation with family or solo!

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