Health and Fitness What is The Different? Here’s The Fact & Tips

Health and Fitness – As you know, health is an important and priceless need. For that reason too, many people are willing to do anything to keep their bodies healthy and fit. One of them is by applying healthy tips. Then, what are the tips for staying healthy? To find out, see the discussion below. Why is Maintaining Body Fitness Important?

It is undeniable, maintaining body fitness is a very important thing for everyone to do, including you. Why is that? This is due to having a body that

Being fit will make you feel many extraordinary benefits, such as:

  • Prevent dangerous diseases, such as heart disease and diabetes
  • Prevent obesity
  • Reducing symptoms of mild depression
  • Increase happiness
  • Increase energy and stamina
  • Maintain ideal body weight

Now, lets discuss about maintaining your Health and Fitness!

What is the different between Health and Fitness?

Health and Fitness What is The Different Here's The Fact & Tips
Health and Fitness

Healthy Doesn’t Necessarily Fit, You Know – Many people try to be healthy, from managing their diet to exercising. Nevertheless, being healthy does not guarantee a person has a fit body.

“Healthy and fit are clearly different,” said a sports health specialist, Dr. Michael Triangto, SpKO to Antara some time ago.

Michael gave an example, based on the results of a health check, his body condition was declared healthy, but when he had to go up and down stairs for only a few floors, he was out of breath for more than 30 minutes.

“This indicates that the person is healthy, but not fit. If the person is fit, going up five or six floors of stairs and then gasping for air is normal, but five or six minutes later they should have recovered,” explained Michael.

Michael then explained that humans must have conditions that are not only healthy but also fit.

Healthy, said Michael, means that physically, mentally and socially, you have no complaints of illness or disorder. While being fit means being able to carry out daily activities and more than that without excessive fatigue.

Exercise is one of the keys to improving health and fitness. For health, Michael recommends aerobic exercise. But it must be remembered that what is meant by aerobic exercise is different from exercises such as aerobics.

What is meant by aerobic exercise is exercise with light to moderate intensity with repetitive movements for a long time. People often refer to it as cardio exercise.

“It is also called cardio exercise because it is intended to train the heart and lungs. So the ultimate goal of cardio exercise is to maintain and improve body health,” explained Michael.

Examples of aerobic or cardio exercises are brisk walking, light jogging or jogging, cycling, swimming, skippingup to rowing.

If aerobic exercise is to improve health, then non-aerobic exercise aims to improve body fitness.

“Non-aerobics is exercise that has high intensity, movements with few repetitions and short time to do it. An example is all sports that use muscles because the aim is to train muscle mass so that the body is fit,” said Michael.

Examples of non-aerobic exercise are weightlifting, push upssit upslungessquats, to planks.

Tips for maintaining your helath

Now, you know the different of Health and Fitness. Here are some health tips that you can try to apply to stay healthy.

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1. Exercise regularly in the morning and evening

To keep your body healthy and fit, make sure you do regular exercise every morning and evening. It doesn’t need to be heavy, light intensity exercise, such as walking, is enough to keep the body healthy and fit. In fact, a number of studies have proven that light exercise such as walking provides benefits that cannot be taken for granted, namely preventing dangerous diseases, reducing stress, and accelerating blood circulation in the body.

2. Consumption of balanced nutritious foods

Another health tip that needs to be applied every day is to eat a balanced nutritious diet. You can get balanced nutritious food on the 4 healthy 5 perfect pattern. This is because the diet includes the nutrients the body needs, such as carbohydrates, protein, vitamins, fats, and minerals.

3. Reduce intake of sugar, oil and salt

Apart from consuming a balanced nutritious diet, you also have to reduce your intake of sugar, oil and salt. This one health tip will keep you from dangerous diseases such as heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. To help you reduce your intake of sugar, oil and salt, the Ministry of Health

The Republic of Indonesia has provided limits for each person, namely:

  • No more than 50 grams (4 tablespoons) of sugar per day
  • Oil / fat 67 grams (5 tablespoons of oil) per day
  • Salt no more than 2000 mg (1 teaspoon) per day

4. Avoid cigarettes and alcoholic beverages

You should also avoid smoking and alcoholic beverages. The reason is, these two bad habits can have a bad impact on the body. For example, consumption of alcoholic beverages, triggers dependence if consumed every day. In addition, the habit of drinking alcohol can also cause non-communicable diseases, such as cirrhosis of the liver.

5. Routinely do health checks

The next health tip is to do medical check-ups regularly, at least once every six months. As you know, there is a disease that is nicknamed the “silent killer” because it can cause serious health problems if not treated immediately. That’s why, it’s important to do MCU periodically. The disease known as the “silent killer” is hypertension or high blood pressure.

6. Keeping the body clean

Maintaining body hygiene is also important to do, especially if you want to stay healthy and fit. Around you, there are so many microorganisms that can potentially be a source of disease. That’s why, it’s important to get used to always keep your body clean.

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This one health tip can be done in various ways, one of which is by bathing at least 2 times a day. When bathing, make sure you use soap that provides maximum protection, such as  Lifebuoy Liquid Soap Total 10. This soap contains ActivSilver+ Formula which has antiseptic properties making it effective for eradicating and preventing the growth of microorganisms in the body. In addition, Lifebuoy Liquid Soap Total 10 also has a soft foam that is able to clean up to the deepest pores.

Tips for maintaining your fitness

Working at home can be stressful. Especially those who are already married and have children. Already working 8 hours, still have to take care of children and household chores. Tired? Certain. Especially during the Corona pandemic like now, we can’t go for a walk or travel to entertain ourselves.

Busy activities, increased workload, not to mention the excessive pressure from the office. Makes the body feel less healthy. Because mental conditions greatly affect physical conditions, and vice versa. So, love our body and soul.

For those of you who are currently carrying out routine daily work activities, of course you must have excellent endurance and fitness so that work productivity continues to run normally. However, if you don’t manage your habits to maintain fitness from an early age, then it will become a problem in the future.

Therefore, see how to maintain the following body fitness.

1. Take Regular Exercise

The habit of doing regular exercise at least five times a week is believed to make your body look more fresh, reduce the risk of serious diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, and other dangerous diseases.

Apart from that, regular exercise can also make your physical work activities finish faster than usual because of the flexibility to always move your body when doing physical work.

2. Maintain Food Nutrition Intake

In this era, it is not uncommon to find various kinds of food which are often contaminated with harmful substances, which of course can also affect the condition of your body.

Therefore, we strive to be more selective in choosing and sorting out what foods are good and not good for health. In addition, good nutritional intake also affects your work productivity.

Try to make it a habit to consume healthy foods, contain sufficient nutrition, and avoid instant food and drinks.

3. Drink more water

Water until now is water that has a very large role and benefits for humans. Experts recommend drinking at least 8 glasses of water per day. It is better to drink water in the morning on an empty stomach after sleeping at night.

This aims to get rid of all the toxins in the body. The water inside will wash away these harmful toxins, and let your body stay fresh and healthy. Drinking lots of water can also help increase the production of new muscle cells and blood cells.

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4. Always Have Positive Thoughts

The most important way to maintain body fitness is to think positively. Be a positive thinker. This sentence is very easy to say, but for some people it is often trapped into negative thoughts when a problem occurs so that it will slightly make the body’s condition unstable and cause stress.

For that, we must be wise and make it a habit to be positive in life no matter how hard the problem is, and always be grateful for what we achieve, no matter what the conditions are. Positive thinking doesn’t mean you can’t be sad and cry, okay!

You can still channel your negative emotions that you feel, so that your soul will be healthier. Positive thinking doesn’t mean you have to suppress what you feel, but how you can bounce back from all adversity and see life more beautifully. Remember, yes, a healthy mind is very influential for a healthy body too.

5. Get enough rest

When there is work piling up and your concentration has diminished, it would be nice to lie down for a moment. Reduce activities or habits that are less important that can be detrimental to the health of our bodies. Like for example staying up late and smoking.

Sleeping for a maximum of 8 hours per day can be a good habit to refresh some tired minds and bodies after a full day of work for activities the next day.

6. Drink Milk

Drinking milk can be a way to maintain fitness that is easy to do. Who says drinking milk is only good for children? Adults also need to drink milk. Because there are lots of benefits that you can get. Among them reduce anxiety, improve sleep quality, to lower cholesterol and maintain heart health. But, choose low-fat milk!

7. Yoga

To balance your body, you can try yoga at home. Try the easy moves for beginners first. Gradually if you get used to it, you will feel the difference in his body. It will feel more flexible. Of course there are also other benefits of yoga that you can get. Starting from smoother blood circulation, reduced back pain, to preventing premature aging, you know!

8. Diligent Hand Washing

Hand washing is an important habit that must always be applied. Especially during a pandemic like this, we don’t know where the virus is going. So, you must always keep your hands clean, because it is our hands that are very likely to carry the virus into our bodies unknowingly. Always try to wash your hands under running water.

If you are outside the house, you can always carry hand sanitizer and wet wipes in your bag to keep your hands clean.

Those are the disscusion about Health and Fitness that you should know!

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